Healing the Marriage & Significant Relationship


The Goal of Marriage Foundation Building

My goal and purpose is healing the Marriage & Significant Relationship, to facilitate the process of bringing Peace, Love, Stability and Strength, into as many marriages as possible. Every Marriage & Significant Relationship is for divine purpose, for each other, for each individual journey.
My healing process cherishes the value of love and peace on earth, honoring the roles of masculine and feminine energy in the relationship, for the well being of all, including new generations to come.
(Marriage or Significant Relationship will be specified here as; Marriage, and equally Divine. Here, her/wife is feminine energy, him/husband is masculine energy, and is not specifying sex of gender, we are working with the unique energy.)

Making A Conscious Choice

The choice of healing your marriage, and living it, you become the role model and are able to pass on the lifestyle of living in a loving, healthy marriage for the next generation.
Just take a moment andUnconditionalLove think about it….

  • Boys grow to learn how to love "the wife, the feminine" from father.
  • Girls grow and learn from mother, how to be loved by “the husband, the masculine”.

Passing this on to the children is priceless. Marriages are divine, I can show you how and why this is..

Are These Our Options?

Do we get joyfully married to end up tearfully divorced, really? I personally don’t think that anyone considers divorce options before getting married.
Just a few statistics: In 2014 - 6.9% per 1000 people are married each year, 3.2% per 1000 people are divorced each year. As we can see it is almost 50% of marriages are ending in divorce, and it grows each year.
Divorce is a devastating process for everyone involved, emotional damage is immense. For each partner in the marriage; (loosing a partner, a friend, self-identity, displacement, loss of child(ren) ...), For children; loosing a father/mother, siblings, family structure, relatives, friends, identity, displacement…). Emotional impact spans out to family, friends, and community. Financial and material loss, and lifestyle changes also ad to emotional damage.

So why is it so easy to let go of the beautiful dream, a loving and lovable desired partner for a life time, that felt so right in the beginning of the relationship? The truth is from an early age many have not had proper guidance from role models or relationship education to understand the relationship.


Guidance is Here

  • The perfect place to start is where you are right now as an individual, today.
  • Learn how to prepare your self to enter into a marriage.
  • Request a Complimentary Soul Connection relationship with high truthful communication. (only for her).
  • Find out who you are attracting into your relationship and why.
  • See the purpose and true meaning of your current or future marriage.
  • Identify dominating emotions in your current marriage.
  • Confidently know how to maintain purpose and meaning in your marriage.
  • Understand how you can join together with your partner to build and maintain a strong marriage foundation.
  • Have the ability to identify what the fighting/upsets are really about, under the surface.
  • Learn how to bring in and maintain love and peace in your marriage.
  • Know how your partner and yourself, feel and experience true love and being truly loved.
  • and more...

Many are suffering in marriages without any inclination of where to turn, except towards separation or divorce. It may seem there is no direction to turn; no way to move back to the love and joy that began the relationship.

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”
~Albert Einstein

Ask for Help

When conflicts and fighting (which also can take on the form of silence) becomes unbearable you may want to run. You are screaming on the inside for help, and it is perfectly OK to ask for help. It requires a conscious choice by you.

This is Where I Come In.

From an early age and growing up, I knew my calling was to understand the marriage. I have spent most of my life focused on learning and understanding relationships. A Master Teacher of mine guided me through a teaching of his that is brilliant, a proven universal process of healing the marriage. Our process incorporates this method. We literally get right to the "heart of the imbalance" and immediately bring the solution to the present. Take advantage of my services and I will share with you my experience and expertise so you can start healing your relationship. I understand it can be hard to see from a cloud of emotions, I do offer you a lasting way for you to see more clearly.

"Every relationship is a holy encounter... known since the beginning of time that you were to cross paths ~ everything is Divine ~ everything is on 'Purpose' ~ Observe and be Present"
~ Dr. Mark

I do know how to create a peaceful loving way to see the cause of conflict and move toward the solution. Healing the marriage is Counseling for Her (feminine energy) and Coaching for Him (masculine energy),
Recommended as soon as discontent arises in the relationship! 
You and I together, will walk through the process of healing your marriage.
Part of the uniqueness of our process is separate sessions (especially we don't put fighting cats and dogs in the same room) we council her, we coach him, separately. I have a reason for separate sessions, call it a new teaching or common sense. Men and women have different roles in the marriage. Bringing awareness to the roles of feminine and masculine energy in the marriage is a huge step for a lasting relationship.
Let me show you how this process will instantly serve you so you can experience a new understanding and see from a new perspective. And yet, don’t wait; the more time that passes, the more difficult it can be to repair the relationship.

“Healing begins at the very moment a person is heard by someone who is listening"
~ Helle


Suitable Solutions

  • Heal Your Marriage
  • Stop the Conflict/Fighting "Now"
  • Build a Strong Foundation for a Continuing Healthy, Loving Relationship
  • Learn Your Life Lessons
  • Request Your Complimentary Soul (for her)
  • Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth

The process is for everyone, Married, Significant Relationship, Singles, Divorced, and Re-Marriages.

Ask The Question Here ~ Get the Solution Now 

The best place to start is right where you are right now, with what ever is on your mind.
Ask a question or simply identify the emotion or feeling that is coming up for you.
There is no need for you to have the perfect question, or have it all sorted out.
This is where you can talk and let out the emotional pressure, the unknown that wants to come out.
Let it out now through my Intuitive Reading. 
In this Intuitive Reading, we will find the solution. The solution is in you.

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I respond promptly.

Request a Complimentary Soul Connection

Request to receive a complimentary soul connection relationship with high truthful communication.

This is for ‘Her’ requesting (female energy) to call in ‘Him’ (male energy).

Calling in your complimentary soul is an exciting process. Simply knowing that there is someone out there waiting and wanting to meet you, as the very special one with whom to build a purposeful life together.

Isn’t that a joyful feeling, understanding that it is all a divine plan, already orchestrated for you?

If you are not currently in a relationship then it is perfect timing to start!
You may ask,” How do I know I am ready?”

You are the one who knows when you are ready.
It is easy; once you are talking, thinking, dreaming… looking at couples on the street, watching romantic movies, posting selfies in FB, reading articles about happy marriages, about relationship, having the longing feeling within, and not knowing what it is, or wanting to go dancing and not having anyone to go with. Longing for “Happily Ever After”, picturing your wedding and having babies.

If you know that you are doing any of these things or have any of these feelings, then you know that you are ready.
I will respectfully guide you through the process. The process will take work on your part. It does not matter into what age group you belong, or any other limitations you may have put on yourself. You are unique and beautiful, you are Divine. Allow God’s / Divine plan to manifest for you. It’s never too late to find the spark within! No need to be alone if you feel that feeling of longing. That longing is always seen and felt energetically by others, no need to deny it. I see it all the time. If you are divorced or widowed Goddess, it is all OK as well, you can be the caller, for the ONE.

I will guide you through learning to understand how to recognize the partner you are requesting. And the first steps necessary in meeting your future partner.

After your preparation work is complete, your partner can show up very, very quickly. The preparation and process is the key.
Yes, I can hear the yes from you, no time to waste, contact me. I am ready to help you through this experience. Shall we!

  • Complimentary Soul Connection Sessions with Her (feminine energy)
  • The Divinity of the Relationship
  • Life Lessons Pertaining to Request
  • Worthiness
  • Unconditional Love
  • Action Plan
  • Immediate Results

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Relationship Repair ~ Stop the Conflict / Fighting "Now"

(Recommended as soon as discontent arises in a relationship)

When you are trying to find solutions for the suffering in your relationship from the perspective of suffering, the solution cannot be found. We together will find the peaceful, neutral, space for healing to begin. One Counseling session with her, and one Coaching session with him, immediate results. (All in the same day in most scheduling cases.)

The relationship is Divine, it is not by accident you are together in marriage, and you were sent to each other by a Higher Power/God/ Source.

A proven universal process bringing the relationship towards immediate healing, 'Now'. One counseling session with her. And a coaching session with him.

  • One Appointment Session
  • Stop the Conflict/Fighting Now
  • Emotions tied to Each Other
  • Release Negativity
  • Implement Immediate Action for Change
  • Significant, Immediate Results
  • Addresses the Past
  • Can Bring the Couple Together Instantly
  • Counseling Her Individually
  • Coaching Him Individually

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(pricing is unique to individual needs)

Relationship Repair ~ Spiritual Marriage Foundation Building

(You and I together, will walk through the spiritual dynamics of marriage/significant relationship)
Bring a lasting spiritual understanding into your relationship. A significant relationship can be the fastest and easiest way to achieve personal spiritual growth through exchanging unconditional love.
The personal well being of one is aligned to the other's well being. It is important for spouses to communicate their feelings truthfully, instead of pretending that everything is fine.

“Communication is the key for expressing oneself ~ truthful, soul level communication is the golden key to another’s heart”
~ Helle

Once spouses perceive that conquering marriage issues is the only way forward — that divorce is not an option — their choice is focused on improving their marriage.
Find out what your Life Lessons are and your emotions tied to your Life Lessons. Learn about the Languages of Love (the key ways you and the key ways your partner feel loved), Soul Contracts and the Divinity of Relationships. Integrate your Life Lessons into your Marriage, Significant Relationship and all aspects of your personal life. This awareness and understanding will become your own source for you to maintain a healthy loving relationship for years to come. You can completely stop all of the same old issues from reappearing in your relationships and your life.
Heal the mind first. Emotions tied to your relationship, How your needs are met to feel loved by significant other, Divinity and Soul Contracts in relationship, Your Life Lessons, Integrating your Life Lessons into your relationship, bringing meaningful understanding into healing your relationship.

  • Individual Sessions
  • A lasting spiritual understanding into your relationship
  • Life Lessons
  • Emotions tied to your Life Lessons
  • Life Lessons Tied To Your Significant Relationship
  • Soul Contracts
  • The Divinity Of Relationships
  • 5 Love Languages
  • Implementing Change In Your Relationship

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Your Life Lessons

Discover the 7 Spiritual Life Lessons. You can go through life repeating the same lesson with each situation getting harder and more painful. Or, you can make a conscious choice, learn your own Life Lessons.
This offering gives the opportunity for you to identify, bring into awareness and know how to move through, your own personal Life Lessons. Life Lessons is designed in a manner to accelerate your spiritual growth.
Life Lessons repeatedly show up in your life, again and again, until you take the time to learn the lesson(‘s). Life Lessons are directly related to the struggles, the really tough times, the seemingly unbearable situations, that appear in your life. The lessons come in many forms and can be found in your relationships, abundance, health, affects your view of life and your general well being, are all tied to Spiritual Life Lessons.
The biggest challenge is knowing the lesson.

  • Your Emotional Inventory
  • Your Major Life Lesson
  • Your Life Lessons
  • Plan of Action

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Get Instant Results

Available for Private Counseling

"I need to tell you, I like solutions.
And you too should ask for solutions as soon as you notice your concern arises.
Solutions are making life easier." ~ Helle

Instant results.

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